Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Observation Tuesday: Volume 17

Observation Tuesday Continues!
  • I have been asked how to spell my name more since I've been married than ever before. I had no idea Knox was so challenged. From now on I'm going to respond with "like the Fort"
  • In my mind I miss school. But I realize what I miss about school is studying what I want to, not what I was forced to. I'm getting my ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) certification and just don't like studying for it.
  • Its been too long since I've crafted. It's on my to do list for my days off this week.
  • Now that I don't have my nice camera I wish I had an iphone with an 8 MP camera on it...
  • You've Got Mail is a quality movie. It gets better every time I see it. I don't think I ever knew Dave Chappell is it in....

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