Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life Lately

Guess what we ordered? So fancy! the IPAD3!!! I've never ever ordered a product before it came out so I'm pretty pumped about this. I'll let you know how much I love it when I get it.

Hanging out of this kid a bunch this weekend. Which, if you asked me, is awesome.

I also watched him play in a rec league game. He's generally one of the tallest ones out there so he pretty much owns every game.

Can you explain to me why this bay leaf container has holes on the top? Great value, that is just silly.


Jesse Allen said...

The holes in the bay leaf cap are there because they are already making caps with holes, and it costs less to just up production of caps with holes than to produce caps without...

Glacier Dreaming said...

May I play with your iPad? May want one.