Friday, March 2, 2012

my nose is running and my feet smell

Hey you guyyysss! My face is in full-blown cold-mode right now. I've gotten up twice in the last two nights to eat a cough drop at 3 a.m. and just used 4 kleenexes blowing my nose (kleenex? klenexi?), and getting up too fast gets me super dizzy. I'm such a pathetic sick person. In fact, that's the reason I'm not up working out or getting my brakes checked like I should be. I'm still in bed, although I did get up to get myself some breakfast earlier. My mom prescribed me rest & oranges to eat today, so I'm taking full advantage of that and will probably work my way through the bag of cuties I bought yesterday. Cuties are NOT just for kids.

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Hey look! Kale! sorry, I couldn't come up with a better transition with that in my mucousy state. Also, I would have used my own picture, but lets be honest, the robbers stole my camera. One time I made kale chips. I was super excited because everyone raves about them. By everyone I mean some blogs I read. Bottom line it tasted like I was eating crispy paper. Maybe I should eat someone else's kale chips before I just make my own next time. Anyway, I bought some yesterday at the store (just kale not the chips) hoping to branch out in my use of the suspect cabbage. No really, it's in the cabbage family, Wikipedia told me so. I decided to make myself a KALE SMOOTHIE.

  • some kale
  • strawberries (washing totally optional because I think dirt is okay and I'm LAZY)
  • blueberries (i used both fresh and the leftovers of a bag of frozen berries I had)
  • a banana
  • soy milk
Here is where it gets interesting. I get everything ready and get out our blender, which I've had an iffy-relationship with since the beginning, and the thing won't lock on to the base. This Waring Pro Bar Blender should, in theory, be totally functional and awesome, but its not. My husband was home, he can't get it to work either. I try to make it blend even though it's not locked on, and it basically just spins around enough to blend the bottom two kale leaves into pulp.

Finally, I give up on Waring and move on to my trusty Oster hand blender that sounds like its pulverizing the blades when you turn it on. It's frightening but generally gets the job done. It's not as blended as it would have been in a blender but honestly the kale smoothie was DELICIOUS.

I offered some to my husband and it said it smelled like grass. More for me, I guess.

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