Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break Widow

I'm married to a teacher. Teachers get these awesome breaks in the middle of the year. Nurses do not because people are ALWAYS SICK. Anyways, it worked out for the husband to go to Dallas with his family to watch his brohan swim in the NCAA meet (go UIW!) and I'm stuck here. I go a little stir crazy without someone around but I've managed to keep busy. With what you ask? let me tell you

1) blogging. obvi. And reading blogs! I've actually discovered a few nursing blogs which are super cool to read. Usually you hear about trendy jobs like photographers and graphic designers having blogs, but nurses are hip too!

2) reading this book! so good. review to come...
3) crafting and guilty pleasures on Netflix. don't judge me. or you can judge me, I probably deserve it.
4) Some cooking, made a few mediocre things, and some chai concentrate, which is awesome.

5) Being outside. I'm embracing the 80 degree weather. I took some pictures in the backyard yesterday and read outside at Sbux today. I sort of hope the weather gets miserable this weekend so I don't feel as bummed about working for the next three nights.

6) Checking my NCAA brackets. Lets just say I'm beating my husband so far. I'm going to celebrate that while I can.

And that's my life lately. I will welcome any more random suggestions for further ways to keep myself occupied until he gets home.


Meg said...

would you be willing to share your chai concentrate recipe? :)

Angela said...

Hey Meg, absolutely, although it's not mine it's from Tasty Kitchen :) there is a link in this blog post. I don't add the pepper because i don't like mine as spicy.

Meg said...

sweet, thanks!

Glacier Dreaming said...

YES, chai concentrate. Would "Chai by the Fire Pit" be good?