Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snapshot Sunday: February 17

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you have also had a really excellent week. I've enjoyed a few days off and a weekend away. And I've eaten and made a lot of good food. 

I made Valentines early this week. 
Paint chips, anyone?

This beauties are stil alive and growing. I'm proud.

Played mexican train with some friends and WON

I made myself a peanut butter latte.
The recipe should be up sometime next week

My Valentine gift for my husband? Homemade cheeze its
Punny card from a friend. She had another one that said 
"Whale you be my Valentine?"

Empty theatre seeing Silver Linings Playbook.
I had a love/hate relationship with that movie but the dance scene is one of my favorites

Sauteed asparagus with cauliflower alfredo fettuccini

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