Wednesday, April 29, 2009

29 little things

I stole this idea from a link I found on a random blog and I love it! Since I love lists I thought I would copy this for my own blog.

What better to brighten my day than to think of 29 little things I love.

1) Getting flowers for no reason
2) A really good mix song (Jay-Z/Coldplay Viva La Hova is my most recent favorite)
3) Shavasana at yoga (we get a 10 minute time at the end to just lay down - it's fantastic)
4) When you walk outside of a building and the temperature is just what you needed (i.e. if it was cold inside it's warm out, if it was too hot inside it's cold out)
5) Brownies
6) Raspberry iced tea
7) Getting home after a long day
8) a card in the mail
9) frozen grapes
10) Georgia font
11) Finding a movie that is perfect for your mood
12) Starting a good book
13) Realizing that you can go to bed early
14) wearing flip-flops
15) freshly painted toe nails
16) A fun night out
17) when my favorite song comes on pandora
18) Fudgesicles
19) seeing old men wearing loafers
20) getting a magazine to read
21) Finishing a bottle of water
22) Listening to a song that reminds me how much I love someone
23) fresh-out-of-the-oven muffins
24) getting concert tickets in the mail
25) doing something that someone else appreciates
26) Thinking of the perfect gift to get someone for their birthday
27) Press-n-seal. that stuff is fantastic
28) Warm towels out of the dryer
29) Overhearing people's funny conversations

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Rose said...

I may have steal this... keep your eye on my blog. ;)