Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a recomendation for IHOP

I love IHOP. Their funny face pancakes cannot be beat. They have pretty good hashbrowns too. I've have great memories from many Late Night Snacks there. (Late Night Snack is a tradition for IV where we go to IHOP at 9 on Tuesdays)

So this evening, I was just driving to ihop i was like...oh man, an iced coffee sounds great especially since it was about 95 degrees outside and it's still warm after dark...but they don't have any at IHOP. UNTIL I walked up and saw a sign like a beacon from heaven advertising their new iced coffee in mocha, vanilla and original. I ordered one and was sorely disappointed.

I found out today that they have a weakness. so I'm warning you don't get their iced coffee - unless you enjoy watered-down, too sweet, weak coffee.

I felt like I needed to blog about this to save anyone who was thinking about ordering an iced coffee from IHOP from wasting $2.26


Jesse Allen said...

If you want iced coffee, why not use your ice from your water glass with the normal coffee?

Jeff Rutledge said...

The normal coffee at IHOP is gross too. Stick to coke there.

Angela said...

well Jesse, if I do that the coffee gets too watered down. it's a real issue.

and jeff, yes, come to think of it, it is. I'll stick to water.

Matt Jacob said...

I'm sorry, but I really cannot stand IHOP. Everything there is sticky. Literally, everything is always sticky. The tables. The chairs. The syrup dispenser handles. Everything is sticky all the time.

Don't get me started on the food. Please don't make me rant about how bad the food is at IHOP. Their non-breakfast items are awful. Even their breakfast items are mediocre at best. The pancakes are decent.

Unless I'm in danger of starving, you'll never catch me at an IHOP again.

Mrs. Carlson said...

They're trying to be like McDonalds and sell cheap and nasty fake coffee. Don't give in. Soon there will be no coffee shops left.

PS You can post to me now. :-)