Monday, April 13, 2009

Here's to you, Mr. Spandex Shorts Yoga Guy

Have you seen the budweiser commercials that solute real men of genius? That's where i got my blog title from.

So i see Mr. Spandex Shorts Yoga Guy every so often at my $4 yoga class. He comes to class fully clothed. A regular pair of shorts, a normal t-shirt. Then, about 3 minutes before class, after the sticky mat is set up, he sneaks into the bathroom and emerges almost naked. He sits back on his mat and begins the deep breathing. Class starts and every so often as a twist my torso up to the ceiling Mr. Spandex catches my eye and I get very distracted. Not because he's attractive, at all, or because he has an excellent reverse warrior, simply because he is the only one in class that is that exposed.

I don't really get the spandex shorts appeal for yoga. Do they make you feel more limber? Do you enjoy the feeling of sweat dripping down your armpits onto your mat?

If you are out there Mr. Spandex Shorts, let me know. I am very curious.


Lauren said...

I shared this blog with some girls in my class because I thought it was so funny. You are funny. I love it. Just thought you should know...

Casey said...

hahaha this is great. i want to meet him