Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear Kix

Dear Kix,

I know that when I was little and my mom bought all my groceries your "kid tested, mother approved" slogan really worked. However, I've grown up. I'm in college now. I buy my own cereal and that ad campaign doesn't entice me to buy your cereal anymore. Cereal that is unhealthy appeals to me, I no longer want cereal that is "mother approved."

Bottom line, Kix, you should get a new slogan. Something about how the delicious little balls of fluffy cereal taste great, something catchy, maybe rhyming even. Then I'll buy your cereal again.



Rose said...

How do you get pics like that one each post? For some reason, I can't do it - help Ang!! :) Rose

Rose said...

that was supposed to say ON each post - makes a diff!

Casey said...

hahaha this makes me laugh. Kix are soooo good but you are right! rhyming always helps