Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Observation Tuesday: Volume 6

1. I am in love with my new room. (see post below). the color is phenomenal. very cooling and lovely. Can't wait to decorate more. I've got big ideas.

2. I wish I could get a job being a professional life organizer. That's what I spent the last 2 days doing for myself and I feel so refreshed with an organized house, calendar, to-do lists, wishlists and plans. I love doing it and therefore wish I could get paid to do it for someone else.

3. Target is a dangerous place for my wallet. I went to get a birthday present for someone else and walked out with a bottle of wine, new shoes, and a lampshade....

4. I really wish I had a bigger habit of starting up conversations with random people. Other people are so interesting and have such great stories to share and I think it would be wonderful to glean that knowledge from them. Now I need to learn to hone that skill and make myself socially appropriate when doing so.

5. Observation Tuesday has turned into random facts about my life. Not sure if that's what it was meant for, but for this week I'm going with it.

6. I haven't taken pictures in awhile so I'm hoping to do that this weekend and maybe next week I'll have some stuff for you guys to actually look at because I really believe all posts are better with a pictures.

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Glacier Dreaming said...

SO, were you born with this Organizing Gene, do you think?