Friday, October 29, 2010

Apple Picking

Yesterday a few girls from work and I went apple picking at Apple Country Orchards in Idalou. It was slightly less glamarous than I had hoped it would be. And most of the apples were like this:

on the ground. Which made me think "happy birthday to the GROUND" the whole time (that's a SNL reference just so ya know). After a bit of wandering around not knowing what we were doing we finally tried and apple from a tree, decided it was good and picked a bunch. I ended up with 7 lbs of apples, which means I'm going to be making apple crisp next week.

I also bought a gallon of apple cider that is in my freezer waiting for Christmastime!


Elizabeth said...

Oh why must it wait until Christmas time??? Fall is great apple cider weather.

Bowman Carlson said...

Are you going to use Grandma's crisp recipe?

Glacier Dreaming said...

Ah, yes, slightly less glamorous than the orchards we used to visit in MN, but still....there WERE apples there.