Thursday, October 13, 2011

Geek Out

My day so far:
Woke up at 5:30!
There was a Living Social Deal for yoga (just as my latest pass was about to expire) Hooray. Deals are pretty much the only way I can afford to do yoga here in TX since classes are $12 a piece...far cry from good old Yoga Oasis.
Yoga class was cancelled this morning, which is discovered upon driving to the studio. boo. Thankfully there is a class before our Gospel Community this evening, so I'll be getting my stretch on there.
It's cool enough to wear a cardigan and scarf.
I had a free drink coupon at Starbucks so I'm enjoying loads of caffeine in my pumpkin spice latte (and loads of calories!)

I recently joined ONS (Oncology Nursing Society...where Oncology Nurses Connect)! I'm pretty excited as my membership gives me free online access to a couple nursing journals. I'm about to get my research on.

My upcoming day:
A new local restaurant, Belly's Cafe, or lunch. Apparently they have delicious food, so of course I can't wait.
Small Group (aka Gospel Community) tonight!
And I just discovered there is a new season of parks and Rec on Netflicks, so I'll probably go ahead and waste sometime watching that this afternoon.

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