Monday, October 3, 2011

Late Night Ramblings

Disclaimer: this post really doesn't go anywhere, so unless you feel like wasting 6 minutes, don't read this.

I do realized it's 9:57 am. But I just got off a 13 hour shift, went to the gym and ate some Trix.

I also just worked 3 nights in a row, that's like working full time in 3 days. super awesome. and by super awesome I mean I'm pretty tired right now. I had some...errr...challenging patients. I also had some patients that started challenging and ended up being pretty cool, and some that started pretty cool and by the end of 3 days were just not that cool anymore. Its just the nature of the job I suppose. One thing I have realized I appreciate is the variety of my job. My nights are never, ever the same, particularly because I constantly have different people I'm dealing with. That is one bonus. Also, chances are if I have had one patient for a couple nights in a row they won't be back the next time I work. Most of the time, that is great.

On another note, my to do list is forever long and includes things like "showering" and "wash floors" and "make something delicious to eat" so I'd better get on that. Right after I sleep away most of my day

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