Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A look back at my goals/year:

1) Get married! - DONE. Best day of my life.
2) Refinish 5 pieces of furniture - Not done, at all. I did 1 though.
3) Get chemotherapy certified at work - DONE
4) Join the local Oncology Nursing Society chapter - DONE & I joined the national ONS
5) Give more random gifts - Sort of done, I can think of a few I gave randomly.
6) Embroider some stuff - DONE (a pillowcase & handkerchiefs for my bridesmaids)
7) Move into my first place with my husband and make it our home - DONE
8) Make some new traditions for our family and continue old ones - Sort of done
9) Travel to Cancun (helllooo honeymoon!) - DONE
10) Read 24 books (12 for fun, 12 to better myself) & write them down! (since i have a terrible memory) - 17 for fun (i.e. fiction) & 8 non-fiction = 24 total, 1/2 success. I'll count it .
11) Start saving for retirement and possibly going back to school - DONE.
12) Take more pictures - DONE?
13) Get involved in a church in TX - DONE, we're Members at Redeemer Lubbock, co-leading a gospel community & have made good friends
14) Keep my blog updated with things I'm doing- DONE

I also oriented people at work, traveled to San Antonio, Austin & Fort Worth, knitted some, did other random crafts, camped & backpacked with my husband for the first time, cooked a bunch, made some really good friends & was generally very happy with my life.

If I wasn't super lazy & on vacation, I would make you links to the blog posts related to these, but lets be honest, you've already read those (hi, Mom!).

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