Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday: Knox style.

What, this old thing? I made it.

Birthdays are pretty awesome in my mind. One day a year a person gets everything their way. This past Friday/Saturday we celebrated my husband. His day included a new kindle, surprise balloons at his school, and a chipotle/movie/ice cream/telephone pictionary party with friends.

The next morning he got french toast breakfast in bed (a family tradition, which is one of my favorites). I would have included the picture of him but there was too much armpit hair for the internet.

My parents have this set of dishes which is the "celebration set" which we use for all breakfasts in bed. I figured we'd carry that on, so the birthday plate (which you can't really see) was a gift from my bff she had handmade for us.

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Mountain Man Wannabe - CbtloG said...

Armpit hair? You mean he doesn't shave it?

(And if you do I'll have to reconsider your place in the will.)