Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Observation Tuesday: Volume 21

Oh, this cute place? It's my new home (or will be on September 1).

However, our place is in the basement. We got a 2 bed/2 bath daylight basement apartment to rent and I  am so excited to have a place to decorate again. So this Observation Tuesday is all about my recent 
home decor inspiration

How gorgeous is this kitchen?

I mostly love the giant EAT on the wall! It would definitely not work in my new place (i.e. we have a small kitchen) but maybe later.

This color inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens is gorgeous. I'm thinking bedroom. And I would/will/might do a brighter green and make the "moody" blue a touch brighter as well. 

I also adore this room. If I could steal it, I would. The paint job (starting a bit below the ceiling) is so neat. And I would wear those boots everyday. 

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