Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snapshot Sunday: August 26th

Can you believe the last time I blogged I was living in a completely different place? We've been in Seattle for a week and it is lovely (and not one drop of rain). Sorry you guys are just stuck with pictures on the blog. I'm refraining from writing further posts until I have some sense of normalcy in my life. Lets be honest, my meals are mostly pasta and things I can cook in someone else's kitchen with minimal ingredients & mess. Enjoy my pictures from this week!

Sunday: on our road trip. 
Look at the clouds in that valley!

Take out from  our first Seattle meal @ Thai Ocean 

Monday: My first morning in Seattle. 
Kuchen from my dad & coffee press coffee. 
A little taste of home in a new place

This is on the gum wall in Post Alley by Pike Place Market
I felt like since I live here now I should own it

Tuesday: enjoying the blue skies while we have them here!

Wednesday: we our house sitting at the house that may have the most amazing tree house ever.

Thursday: this is Spencer, the dog we're dog sitting

Friday: I cannot believe I live in a place with this view!

Saturday: this was shot at 12:10 am after an evening of Rock Band.
Sometimes a late night just needs a bowl of cereal

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