Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Snapshot, August 19

We are currently moving to Seattle. Our car is packed to the brim with bikes strapped on the back. It's been a really fantastic summer, full of ice cream, family, hikes and adventure. My blogging may be a little sporadic for the next few weeks seeing as how we'll be living out of a car & house sitting for strangers so forgive me. In the mean time enjoy my Sunday Snapshots of this past week!

Last Sunday in Tahoka, TX: 
We were there for a family wedding and got to spend time with good friends as well. 
This picture is celebrating the Settling of Catan!

Monday: I smuggled a yellow watermelon in my carry-on. 
Needless to say my bag got searched but we made it in tact. 
And it was delicious.

Tuesday: check out my sweet new ride!

Wednesday: one last Glacier hike.
We did Huckleberry Lookout and picked excessive amounts of huckleberries
 (they're like blueberries but more tart & only grow wild in the NW)

Thursday: A quote I love from The Book Thief

Friday: my sweet birthday present from my sister. 
This will be an herb garden

Friday: love this girl. Although she may not love me

Saturday: one last breakfast with the family. I made my nephew a rabbit per his request.
And we're still eating the huckleberries.

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