Thursday, August 16, 2012

Overnight Oats

When I think of overnight oats I think of a Barney Song. Specifically the one that goes "I like to eat eat eat apples & bananas" and then you sing the same lines over and over but with different vowels. When you get to the "o" sound the song sounds like "I like to oat oat oat opples and bononos." I like to think that to myself when I make this for breakfast.

Anywho, if you haven't heard of overnight oats, I'm glad you're here. They're one of the easiest summer breakfasts to make and is really delicious. Also, if you feel like cooking at 9 pm but don't feel like eating (which happens to me approximately once a year) you can just whip these up.

The game players:
  • Old fashioned oats, pick your serving size. I like about 3/4 cup
  • Milk of some sort. About the same amount as your oats (mix this up when you decide how much milk to like leftover in the morning)
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Fancy stuff (I went with raspberries & agave this time)
The method:

1) Mix your oats and milk in a bowl, the one you want to eat out of in the morning. This is the best because you can honestly pick ANY milk. I've done with soy, almond and cow. Almond is my personal favorite.

2) Add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla. Now, mix in whatever sounds good. I usually do a bit of sweetener and some dried fruit. Depending on what you have on hand you can wait until the morning too. (I'll sometimes add a bit of peanut butter and banana)

3) Cover and stick that delicious bowl of goodness into the fridge

4) Let it sit overnight, when the oats absorb all the milk & flavor. Pull it out in the morning and eat it! Add whatever delicious treats you want now too. Enjoy!


Cassie said...

maybe i sing various versions of the "i like to eat" to addy most mornings during breakfast, depending on what she's eating. "i like to eat, eat, eat: yummy avocado, sweet delicious peaches, etc." changing all the vowels that early in the a.m. gets interesting, but it's like a brain warm-up for the day... or something. i just made that up.

Angela said...

Haha I like it, Cassie! She probably does too.