Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Observation Tuesday: Volume 29

Since it's election day I'm taking a break from my typical random internet links this week to hold a little vote of my own. Obviously, it's not political because we've had enough by now. The question? Which case should I get for my iPhone? Polls will be open until Friday. Leave a comment with your vote!

1) Narwhal from Society 6, $35
Reasoning: it was only several years ago I discovered they're real
And I love maps

2) Be Happy from Society 6, $35
Reasoning: its a good reminder

3) Fox Couple from Society 6, $35
Reasoning: I love this movie. And I make a face just like him

4) Gold Dots from Society 6, $35
Reasoning: visually appealing

5) Speck Case from Amazon, $20
Reasoning: I like the colors, cheaper, good amazon reivews

6) Here Comes the Sun from Society 6, $35
Reasoning: I love the song, even though this is the only lyric I remember

 7) Carol Green from Amazon, $19.99
Reasoning: Affordable, good Amazon review, good color

Cast your votes!


Kristen said...

mr. and mrs fox. hilarious.

Sarah said...

I'd say narwhal, but I really think you'd get sick of seeing that after a while. So Mr. and Mrs. Fox. It will always be a talking point when you meet people or are waiting in line at the grocery store/coffee shop, etc.

Liene Stevens said...

1 or 2. I lean towards 2.

Cassie said...


Glacier Dreaming said...

be happy

Lindsey Meise said...

Narwhal FO SHO! I love them. And I too found out they are real in the last few years

Anonymous said...

I'm into the be happy one or the Carol Green one because that's such a good color.

Anonymous said...

i don't know which model of speck case you've chosen, but my speck candyshell case has really done an awesome job protecting my phone from falls and drops. also it looks cool-- much sleeker than an otterbox with similar levels of protection.