Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Observation Tuesday: Volume 31

I'm proud to live in a city that actually drinks more espresso than water.

New favorite word: hangry. Being so hungry you're also feeling angry.

Also, I hope I'm this awesome when I'm a mom:

Finally, I need your thoughts on real vs. fake Christmas trees. GO.


Cassie said...

I've always had allergic/asthmatic types around, so I pine (pun intended) for a real tree but must settle for fake. Get the real tree. Do for those of us who will never get to. ;)

Charles said...

We get ours from a farmer who raises yak, so it comes complete every year with yak hair on the trunk...Love a real tree!

Sarah said...

Well, I LOVE real trees. I love the way they smell and look. But, fakes are cheaper and, here's the biggie for you, they aren't messy. We have a fake tree that we got for $10 on the weekend after thanksgiving last year. However, I just read in Whole Living that real trees are actually an environmentally better option if you get them from a sustainable farm near your home because the fake trees are plastic and require a lot of transport to get to the Target you buy them in.

Glacier Dreaming said...

The problem with a real tree is that you can't put it up the day after Thanksgiving without running the risk of needles falling off by Christmas. SO, Doug says we are cutting our own tree this year (somewhere in a national forest if we can't find a suitable one on our property). BUT, a fake tree may be in our future again at some point.

Ashley + Christian said...

Hangry! Yes! A word was needed to describe this phenomenon.

And real tree, sister! We get ours the first week or two of December, water the hell out of it, and just enjoy it while it lasts regardless. Nothing can replace that yummy Christmas tree smell. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Seth!