Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snapshot Sunday: November 25

What a fantastic Thanksgiving week it has been! I worked a few days this week then spent most of it with my family in Montana. That was full of eating and playing and generally being loved on by the people I love most in the world.

Sunday: Yulefest at the Nordic History Museum.
Connecting with my roots.

Monday: My cousin Nate came in town for a visit. 

Wednesday: after driving all night we made it! Love these kids so much
Our Thanksgiving meal. Pancakes.

My sister, ever the amazing host, made orange mochas the first morning. 

Our real Thanksgiving meal on Friday.
6 people helping in the kitchen made of an amazing meal

My brother-in-law made this happen.

Up on Big Mountain for a little bit of fun sledding.

I really could share so many more pictures of adorable faces and good food, but I'll spare you. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! What were your highlights?

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