Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Observation Tuesday: Volume 44

Rules of storytelling (and life) from Pixar. I particularly like #8.

Last night I watched a really good documentary called Pressure Cooker. It's about high school students in the inner city learning culinary arts and competing for scholarships. I cried at the end. It's available on Netflix instant streaming.

And Proof That Anything Can Be A Cupcake. I want the churro one now, spaghetti? not so much.

Last but not least, the 6th grader in me is super excited Justin Timerblake's new CD is coming out tomorrow. And the me now is excited that Run Boy Run's CD is coming out too! They're a phenomenal bluegrass band that was recently on Prairie Home Companion (twice) and I know them from college and they're all amazing.

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Sarah said...

I pre-ordered the JT album a few weeks ago and listened to it last night...I really love it. Also, I want to watch that documentary now!