Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snapshot Sunday: March 10

You guys, I was so thrown off this morning when my alarm and I was so tired. Thankfully I remembered I had daylight savings time to blame. 

Sunrise on the way to work

Cuties in my cow bowl.

Free Thursdays at Seattle Museums!
This is the Museum of History and Industry (i.e. history of Seattle) and it was really cool
lots of buttons to push, which made it fun


Sunny day in Seattle. Windows and sun roof were definitely open

Seth and I visited La Conner, WA today.
This is on the rainbow bridge

Nell Thorn Restaurant & Pub in La Conner
I had Braeburn apple and gorgonzola pasta - delicious

A giant tree. There was no explanation so I don't know what the significance is

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