Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snapshot Sunday: April 28

I had a glorious three days off this week filled with SUN! Seattle has totally spoiled us with some gorgeous weather. Enjoys pics from my last week

At Macrina Bakery with on a reading date with my husband
On our plates: raspberry rhubarb tart, ginger apple cinder, vanilla latte and a morning roll

Love note on a fire hydrant

A gorgeous morning after my 3rd night of work!

Cannot believe I mailed my niece her first birthday present.

Walk around Green Lake.

Sunset at Gasworks Park

Had a fantastic day which included:
Paddle boarding (so fun!)

Fro Yo from Zoe Yogurt

14 mile bike ride with my husband

sitting in the sun


Not a bad day

What did you do this week?

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Bowman Carlson said...

looks like such a great few days off! You impress me with your long bike rides!