Thursday, June 6, 2013

Books: Rodeo in Joliet, Quitter and Gone Girl

Rodeo in Joliet by Glenn Rockowitz

I actually heard Mr Rockowitz speak at an oncology nursing symposium a few months back where he read an excerpt from his book. He's had four different types of cancer and this is the memoir of his journey the first time. Obviously, he survives so it's not really a spoiler. He starts out living in New York City with his wife who is eight months pregnant. He goes through chemo, experimental treatment and being a new dad while fighting this horrific diease. It is an incredibly raw, beautiful, heart wrenching story. He swears, talks about vomiting, a lot, and tells some uncomfortable stories. You will cry if you read this, just a heads up, but man is it good. 4/5 stars.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I finally hopped on the bangwagon and read Gone Girl. Flynn tells the story of Nick and Amy, a NYC couple, living in Missouri. On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary Amy disappears, in what appears to be a violent struggle in their living room. While the search goes on, Nick is consistently evasive, bitter and shady. It's a real who did it mystery. I was definitely drawn into the story almost immediately. But as the book goes on, I didn't really relate to or even like any of the main characters. They don't have many redeeming qualities. I say 3/5 stars because I couldn't wait to finish it but felt really anxious the whole time I was reading it and didn't like the ending.

Quitter by Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff, is the author of the blog, Stuff Christians Like, where I originally heard of him. He's hilarious on the blog so I had high hopes for the book. Quitter is about "closing the gap between your day job and your dream job." He starts out the book by advising you not to quit your day job. As the book progresses he talks about finding your dream job, by identifying your "hinge" moment (that time where something really clicked in your life/mind), learning to hustle, and finally getting to the place where you can quit your job to pursue your dream and be okay. As part of the generation that serially quits jobs and believes our dream job, or climbing the corporate ladder, should happen almost immediately, it was really refreshing to read his perspective on how to wisely find that. I give it 4/5 stars because I definitely learned something about and for my own pursuit of my dream job.

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