Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snapshot Sunday: Lopez Island

 For our anniversary this past Tuesday, Seth and I went and played on Lopez Island in the San Juans and I may have discovered one of my new favorite places. It's a gorgeous little island (actually one of the 3 largest in the island chain) with stunning scenery and lots to do.
We stayed at the MacKaye Harbor Inn on the south side of the island.
It was a beautiful little bed and breakfast that did not disappoint. We stayed in the blue room, with its own little bathroom and view of the harbor. Mike and Robin were fantastic hosts and had a bottle of wine in the room when we got there. I spent the idyllic afternoons sitting in the chairs on the deck reading. 
The breakfast spread included homemade granola, fresh fruit and the best rhubarb muffin my husband has ever had.
There is lots to do on the island, but not so much it's overwhelming. About a mile away from the inn was Iceberg Point. We did a mile walk through some woods and walked out to an incredible view. We even saw an orca whale.
The island is also ideal for biking. It's (relatively) flat with minimal traffic in most parts. We did a twenty-two mile ride and I enjoyed (almost) all of it. The last few miles were a little rough :)
 On our bike ride we stumbled upon Watmough Bay. It's a 1000 foot walk through woods to end up in this little oasis. It was so stunning.
 Our best meal was at the The Bay Cafe in the main Village area. The truffle mac and cheese was a highlight for sure.
 My other favorite part was the lemon mascarpone cheesecake.
 We had a few good cups of coffee (or I did, Seth had an italian soda) at Isabel's Espresso and Caffe La Boheme.
There was lots more we could have done; other restaurants to try, kayaking, paddleboarding, befriending someone with a sailboat, parks to visit. In fact, I already told my family we need to go next time they visit. 

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