Sunday, June 30, 2013

Snapshot Sunday: June 30

Do you ever have those weeks that end up being just 100% more fantastic than you thought they would be? This was one of those weeks for me.

Went out for a birthday dinner with a friend.
We're foodies so presents involve dinners out.
We went to the Walrus and the Carpenter for happy hour.
We ate 4 kids of oysters, smoked trout (below), duck proscuitto with pickled blueberries and bread and butter. Amazing.
Restaurant Graffiti.
Does anyone else find it incredibly difficult to read graffiti or is it just me?
Berry Goat Fro-Yo from Molly Moons.
So refreshing and good.
Popcorn chocolate chip cookies. Good like woah
I'll definitely blog about them at some point
Thursday night we had our last small group of the year.
We had it on the rooftop patio of someone's condo with an incredible 360 view.
Sunset from the same patio
City skyline in the other direction
We got to borrow Seth's cousin's canoe yesterday for a 4 mile canoe ride in the sound
It was 85 and HOT. Don't know how I ever survived in AZ.
A little crow on canoe for you.
I hope you also had a fantastic week and that this next week is even better!

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