Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snapshot Sunday: July 7

Another lovely week! The pacific northwest has been treating us well. 

Sunset from the view at Port Susan
Love when it's light in the morning when I get up
Japon Dog in downtown. 
Dried seaweed, carrots, mayo, scallions, hot dog. 
Poutine (french fried, cheese and gravy) for a 4th picnic!
Clouds during the picnic. 
More 4th. We didn't stay there. We left and had a great view from a friend's apartment
the pictures were terrible of the fireworks so I'll save you those.
Walk around Greenlake
And fro yo. 
Cap'n crunch for the win.
Blueberry picking for an awesome Saturday.
Made preserves already.

Anyone have an exciting week coming up?

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