Friday, July 6, 2012

El Quatro de Julio

I always forget that I love the 4th of July until the day of. As a family we've never had traditions for the day, we didn't live near extended family and I would generally go to whatever barbeque and fireworks were around (or not if there was a fire ban....). However, I do love any excuse for a little celebration and love being reminded to be thankful that I like in a country with freedom and democracy. This year happened to be particularly fun to be with my whole family. After I worked at the gift shop we headed up to Desert Mountain (which we look at from our windows) for a picnic/smores/fire then headed to our backyard for fireworks, which I love. 

(the view)

 (mom + picnic)

(homemade baked beans. really delicious and I may share the recipe next week)

(fireworks in our backyard....literally...we set them off)

(sparklers + long exposures are awesome)

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