Saturday, July 21, 2012


I'm off celebrating my birthday and my present to you today is my favorite s'more recipe. "Recipe?" you ask. YES!

First, you need a good fire with some hot embers (or your gas stove or your microwave). Next spread your graham cracker with peanut putter and add some bananas, top with Hershey's chocolate and a perfectly browned marshmallow. Enjoy

I'll also add they're great if you make it with fresh raspberries and dark chocolate

Just so you know I was too excited about my s'more to stope and take a picture of the final product. Sorry. 


Kristen said...

this reminds me of our smore's at my parents house lol....and my inability to light the fire pit.

Angela said...

Haha I think of you every time I make s'mores!