Monday, July 2, 2012

A little reunion recap

My recap is that my trip to Seattle with my best friends was just what I needed. It was such a wonderful mix of adventure, eating, laughter, dancing, getting lost and talking. 

One thing I love about Seattle is that every time I go I do completely different things. Besides one restaurant and ice cream place (okay, and Pike Place) everything I did on this trip was totally different than anything I've done before.  For example. Bakery Nouveau was just down the street from our place (which we booked on Aribnb and was perfect). They had the best pastries I've maybe ever eaten, the line out the door was definitely worth it. 

Also new to me, the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. Supposedly this place is awesome, we missed the awesome part but still had a blast adventuring there in the rain. 

Flowers at Pike Place

Beecher's cheese & crackers

Dinner with fresh ingredients from Pike Place.
Gluten free spinach, mushroom and roasted red petter pasta with sautéed yellow grape tomatoes, zucchini and spinach and a side of smoked salmon.  

Dinner at Skillet. My one repeat from the last trip, this time I got a grilled PB&J and poutine

Besties since 12. Love her.  

The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie. 
We last minute decided to adventure off on a ferry and went to Vashon and ended up in this gem.
Definitely go if you are on this island at any point. 

Perfect last day coffee spread at the above mentioned locale. 
Strawberry vanilla tea, chai latte, lavender mocha, bran muffin and a cookie. 

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