Friday, September 21, 2012

Books Reviews: Britannia, Shadows & Birds

I officially have my library card. When I first went to the library none of the books I had on my list were there so I went a little crazy on my holds. A few of these holds I was 125th in line. However, over the last few weeks I've gotten about 12 of them. The stack next to my book is great. 

22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson

This book is a little heartbreaking. It's set just after the end of the World War II and tells the story of a family reunited after seven years of separation. Janusz, the husband, went to enlist in the army and ends up traveling through Europe and fighting with the British. Silvana and their young son Aurek survive the war years in the woods with the help of various people. They face the daunting task of getting acquainted after traumatizing events and rebuilding their family. It's not the most well-written book in the whole world, but was still compelling. I would give it 3.5/5 stars. 

Born Under a Million Shadows by Andrea Busfield

I picked this up that first day at the library because I liked the cover. It's about an eleven-year old boy, Fawad, who lives in Afghanistan and ends up living with a group of foreigners. At the beginning of the book he and his mother are living with his aunt's family. When his mother gets a job working for a group of foreigners his world really opens up. The story really is written about the complexities of the country from the view of a child. Just like the foreigners I ended up adoring Fawad. Busfield does a great job of making his antics & life really engaging. I enjoyed it but wouldn't rave about it.

A Guide to the Birds of East Africa by Nicholas Drayson

Drayson does a fantastic job of writing an entertaining story revolving around a bird watching competition. Mr. Malik has been going on a bird walk in Nairobi led by Rose every week since he had a heart attack. Over the course of these walks he has fallen in love with Rose, unbeknownst to her. Just as he is working up the courage to write her an invitation to the social event of the year an old high school nemesis shows up and sweeps in to Rose's life as well. Their social club sets up a competition to see who will see the most birds in a weeks time and win the opportunity to invite her to the ball. I never knew I'd care so much about a bird watching competition. It's entertaining, a quick read and the British humor and the fact that it's set in Kenya won me over. 

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