Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snapshot Sunday: January 20

My parents and nephew are currently visiting from Montana. It's so fun spending time with them in our turf. 
Seth and I found dollar tacos at a place close by for the win.

Snow on a walk. There wasn't snow anywhere else so I'm thinking someone brought it with :)

A foggy walk to work

GUM WALL! My mom found a swedish flag. There was also a marriage proposal.

At Chinese food. 
Love going with my dad because he can order us the good stuff in Mandarin.

At Pike Place!

Feeding the wildfowl illegally at Greenlake. 


Rebekah said...

I love this post. Somehow it all comes together to be really great. Have you heard of Delancey? I read the owner's blog kind of obsessively ( and want to go there badly, but would love to live vicariously through you two :)

Angela said...

Yes! that place is on my list of restaurants to go to! Thanks for sharing the blog link, it's on my list now too.