Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Observation Tuesday: Volume 25

Can you BELIEVE it's October? Practically time for Christmas music. (just kidding, but I know it'll be here soon)

I'd like your thoughts on the "10 Best Fictional Boyfriends." I couldn't decide if George, George of the Jungle or Aladdin was my favorite. "Hey, girl. You like bread?"

A man at the grocery store told me that Seattle averages 40 days of sun a year. The city hasn't had any rain in 55 days. We're basically out of luck for the winter. Bring it on.

We'll be going to Kansas City in a month. It'll be a quick trip for a friend's wedding but I'd love suggestions on things to do & places to eat (because lets be real, eating is my main focus of vacations). Let me know.

Have a great Tuesday, my friends.


Cassie said...

i'm going to kc today and spend most of my outside of lbk time there, so i probably have more thoughts than you want. as far as to do: union station is decently fun, the plaza area is fancy fun, the nelson-atkins museum of art has giant birdies/shuttlecocks (whatever the thing you hit in badminton is called) on the lawn, crown center (the home of the hallmark card) is free, and arthur bryant's is my favorite place for kc bbq. also, the international house of prayer, ihop, is in kc. it's quite the experience.

Sarah said...

I'm stuck between Aidan Shaw from SATC and Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Ask Jeff how he feels about Carrie leaving Aidan. He thinks Aidan is the best TV boyfriend ever hahaha! And I've been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast for basically my whole life, so I have to go with beast as well. Miss you so much!

Angela said...

Cassie, thank you! I will write these down and try and cram a few of them in for sure.