Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day.

I have simply the best mother in the world. Easily. I also had two awesome grandmothers. Over the course of my life my sister has become a mom, I've gained an awesome mother-in-law and two wonderful grandma's from my husband's side. There are also wonderful aunts, friends' moms and leaders in my life that have taught me excellent motherly lessons. Here are a few I'd like to share.

Every Christmas/birthday/celebration my mom at some point, usually early on like right after opening her stocking first thing, or eating breakfast, my mom declares "Oh, we could just stop right now and this would be enough." My typical reaction is to think, all you've gotten is a chapstick, lotion, good'n'plentys and a toothbrush, of course that's not enough! But clearly I'm in the wrong. My mom has this awesome attitude of the small things being enough to be thankful for and to be grateful everything.

My best friend through junior high has an awesome mom. Their family, because of their mom, had awesome celebrations for things that weren't necessarily big holidays. They got a December 1st present to start the Christmas season, waffles on Sunday mornings, and a Christmas tree dance. This is something I definitely want to embrace with my own kids, in years, when we have them.
One of the grandma's I was lucky enough to get with my marriage is one of my favorite people. She's a Southern Nana through and through; whether she's making fresh corn bread, ice cream, banana cream pie, giving presents for no reason or just watching the family spend time together you know she's doing it with love. She has this amazing attitude that whatever her grandkids want to do it's fine, eat all of the mac and cheese in one sitting? Of course. Go drive karts around and shoot at pop cans? Have fun! She's awesome and I hope I have this kind of attitude with those I love.

So here's to you mothers, especially mine, I hope you have a wonderful day and are celebrated appropriately. Love you!

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