Sunday, May 26, 2013

Snapshot Sunday: May 26

First of all, Happy Birthday, Mom! You're getting your present when I see you next week

Second of all, here is my week.

A quote I loved from a sermon last Sunday.
(Edited with the photo app from A Beautiful Mess)

Seattle rained on us this week.
Got to wear my rain boots
Flowers from Pike Place still making my table beautiful
Why am I eating rice cakes again?
Not sure, but I like it.
 Breakfast for dinner after work.
I have this cool friend who brought me cake at work.
The Funfetti went over very well. Thanks, KP!
 Book reading and chai.
 Book recommendations.
 I made donuts. I ate four today.
Real Life. 
 Went to ikea. Seth found this gem inside a cup.

Did you guys do anything fun this week?

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