Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playful Pancakes

So I love Pinterest. For years I bookmarked my recipes just in the regular bookmarking way. But after my computer got stolen last year I lost all of them. Super depressing. Pinterest came in my life and now that is how I save recipes I've made or mark recipes I want to make soon. This is not a new concept. 
I also started creating tons of boards with other random stuff; craft ideas, things that make me laugh, nurse things. However I never used these. This year I decided I was going to start doing at least a few of them.
Today's post was inspired by this pin and it is/was really easy minus my lack of artistic ability.
To make this simply use a condiment bottle and fill with pancake batter. I found my condiment bottle at Target for about $3. I used a basic pancake recipe from my basic cookbook. I did have to thin it out with a little more milk than the recipe called for. You also want to make sure it's whisked pretty well to get the clumps out.
Heat a griddle over medium heat and go to town with whatever crazy design your heart desires.
Some tips: use a large, flat spatula if you have one. Makes it easier for flipping.
Also, when writing things, make sure you remember to attach all the letters and flip carefully.
One of my favorite messages I wrote, for my awesome nephew! So make this soon and have fun.

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