Saturday, December 1, 2012

Book reviews: Dedication, March, Seattle

I've been a little slow on my reading lately, but here are my latest reads.

Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

These are the authors of some of my favorite chick lit, the Nanny Diaries. I wish I was as enthusiastic about this book. It told the very mediocre high school/present day romance/break up story of Katie Hollis and Jake Sharpe. Jake Sharpe is now famous and screwed over both Katie and their high school friends and she has the chance to really stick it to him now. It was exceptionally un-compelling. Skip it for sure.

March by Geraldine Brooks
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In this excellent novel Brooks writes the story of Mr. March, the husband and father in the book Little Women. He is away fighting in the Civil War for most of Little Women and this book tells his perspective. The reader is really drawn in to his character, their marriage and his role as father to the little women. It is really interesting to get his view of the. As he begins as an idealistic chaplain and ends up teaching school to negros in the South he travels so far emotionally that I ended up really involved. There are several really gripping scenes and moments. If you like Little Women I would definitely recommend this.

Truth Like the Sun by Jim Lynch

This novel is set in Seattle in both the early 1960s during the World's Fair and fifty years later during a mayoral election. Mr. Seattle, or Roger Morgan, decides to run for mayor in his 80s to try and lead the city he loves so much. However, Helen Gulanos, a Seattle transplant and reporter sets out to get the truth about Mr. Morgan. His past isn't quite so clear as the city would like to think. I wanted to love this books as it's set in my new city but I just couldn't get into it. It's an interesting plot but not incredibly intriguing.  I wasn't totally sure which of the main characters I was supposed to like or not like, which sort of bothers me. Nevertheless, I finished it and am glad I read it.


The Twins said...

March sounds like a great book!!! I will have to read it and Little Woman.

Unknown said...

Yes! Little Women is a must read