Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snapshot Sunday: December 2

I decorated for Christmas and have watched Elf one and a half times so it offically feels like Christmas! hooray. Enjoy my pictures from this week!

Christmas Mug and Mint Tea. Lovely combo

Mid-week date with my favorite man.
He's excited about the Mexican food we got.

Spend a chunk of our Saturday wandering around the market.
I love that place.

In the women's bathroom. get it?

Lovely Saturday night with this lady! Ignore the picture quality.

The stupendous dinner we made. 
Acorn squash & arugula salad and breaded chicken. 

I work the next 3 days and then we get to host our first out of town guests! Do you guys have any exciting weekend plans?


Bowman Carlson said...

Squash salad? Was it cooked?

Also, wasn't Nate an out of town guest? He'd probably be super offended. ;-) Wish it was us coming!

Angela said...

Yes, the squash is roasted. And sorry I offended him