Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snapshot Sunday: December 30

For the last week I've sort of felt like I have no idea what day it is. Today we went to church and my mind finally said, "Oh, okay, we're oriented now." It's a good feeling. And can you believe Christmas is over? And so is 2012? My mind is blown so I'm just going to get to my pictures from this past week:

In an amazing stroke of luck I was cancelled on Christmas eve.
I went to yoga and on the way saw this amazing window display.

We even got to leave for the cabin early.
Some blue skies on our drive.

The strangest icicles at my parents' cabin growing horizontally.
I knocked them all down after I took the pictures

My favorite husband and I snowshoeing on Christmas!
We were literally walking in a Winter Wonderland

A plethora of homemade hot chocolate mixes from my sister!
She's amazing.

We had to come back to Seattle for work and since it was nice I spent the afternoon in Discovery Park
I'm glad I live in a place where views like this are possible

On to the new year!

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